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How I Went From $50,000 In Debt To A $25 Million Business In 7 Years --- And How You Can Too

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Inside Of This Book You'll Discover The Steps to Structuring Your Home Services Company:

• Should you work for somebody, or own your own business? I'll show you how to make the right decision (Page 12)

• The most important thing you must know before starting your business. (page 13)

• Where should you position your company in the marketplace? Your customers will have 3 major expectations. You'll have to be the best in 2 of them. (page 14)

• The most common costs you will face in the beginning or your entrepreneurial journey. (page 16)

• Do you know how to stack the deck in your favor? Let me show you how (page 17)

Get some great insider tips about your industry to help you climb the ladder and dominate your competition.

This Book Even Got Jody Underhill Excited!

"I remember when I met Tommy face to face for the first time. I was visiting Phoenix to speak at a Local Marketing event and we met for lunch. To say I was impressed would be a huge understatement. He could not only walk me through how he was implementing the marketing strategies he learned in my coaching program, he could repeat my teachings back to me word for word!"

Jody Underhill

A founder of Upside Down Iceberg, an industry leader
in social media marketing and business development,
avid personal development researcher, and
NLP Master Practitioner.

Learn The Best Methods for Hiring the Best People

• When is the right time to start hiring? There are 5 questions that you should ask yourself to know the answer. (page 19)

• Want to hire only the best employees? Then there are 6 critical questions you need to ask yourself when defining the job. (page 20)

• Did you know that your employees can be your best recruiters? There are four key steps to craft an effective employee referral program. Let me show you each one of them. (page 21)

• Your employee referral program can be extended into social recruiting in several ways. Check out how to use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to find the best talent in the market. (page 22)

• Do you have a process to filter out the bad candidates from the great ones? I have 6 questions to share with you that work every time. Asking them to describe some low points during their last job is one of them (page 23)

• Want to get an edge over your competitors when hiring superstars? All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps during the interview process. (page 24)

• Do you test drive a new car before buying it? Then you should do the same when hiring someone new (page 26)

• What's the one trait you should always put over confidence? Check this section to discover which trait I am talking about (page 26)

• The question that most people ask me about: Should I keep it in the family? Let me share with you my experience regarding that question. (page 27)

• When hiring employees, the business owner has many options: full time, part time, and outsourcing. Knowing the right option for your needs can save you thousands of dollars. (page 27)

Another Review of The Home Service Millionaire

"There are many superlatives use to describe truly remarkable people or at least remarkable people who are just that within their world or among their peers. Tommy Mello is one of those people who you stretch to find a single word to describe. It isn't just a tremendous work ethic or crazy interpersonal skills. It is a skill set, a vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, a thirst for knowledge and the ability to leverage all this up that really sets him apart."

Mike Blanchard

Sales Director at Guardian Access & Door Hardware

Manage and Lead Your People To Success!

• Among business owners, being able to think strategically is not a common quality. I'll show you here how you can be a member of the one percent: the rare business owners who think both strategically and tactically. (page 31)

• Do you know what the single most important responsibility of leadership is? (page 32)

• How do you know if your company has a culture of individual excellence and continuous self-improvement? That's easy! Your company has to say “yes” to the 7 statements I share in this section. (page 32)

One of the most powerful ways to train as a team is to have role playing meetings. Let me share with you how I do that (page 35)

Do you want your business to grow? Then you have to learn how to delegate. For some people, delegating can be tough. I'll show you how to make it easy (page 36)

• Moving from multitasking to job specialization. This is a delicate matter and you should know how to make the transition as smooth as possible for your employees. (page 37)

• There are two kinds of employee negativity: The bad apples and the unhappy employees. Let me show you how to deal with both of them. (page 37)

• You do not want your technicians stealing from you. Having checks and balances to make sure this is not happening is a key to success. (page 38)

Marketing in the Digital Age

• The exact marketing system that I used to grow my home service business - from beginning to end. I don't hold anything back here. (page 47)

• You should invest in your branding from day one. You think you don't have the budget for it? No worries, I'll show you how to do it with a very small budget. (page 49)

• A key part of your brand is your professional reputation. Let me show you how I manage negative reviews and how to get 5 stars in all online review sites. (page 50)

Word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. When creating a customer referral program, though, there are 5 systems that you need to set up to make it work smoothly. (page 53)

Learning and controlling your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a crucial step for your business success. Let me show you how to do it. (page 54)

• How to bring in cheap leads by posting on Craiglist and Groupon (page 54)

• Do you know how to position yourself as the market leader? HINT: Content Marketing has something to do with it (page 56)

• If you want your business to show up on the first page of Google without getting penalized, you better read this. (page 57)

• Every sales begin with a lead. Let me show you how to generate leads for your business at scale (page 59)

• How to leverage your marketing power to get business partnerships (page 61)

• The marketing strategy to smash your competition and gain market share (page 62)